Why You Shouldn’t Scare Your Cat Away From The Christmas Tree

If you’ve been scaring your cat away from the Christmas tree, animal experts say there’s a better way to deal with it.

The trend began on TikTok, where one user created a video explaining, “I saw a TikTok saying that if you traumatize your cat with your tree before putting it up they will leave it alone.” She then shakes her tree in the cat’s face, causing the animal to back up and run away. Her video got over 33 million views. In a follow-up video she noted the cat was fine and hasn’t touched the Christmas tree.

Veterinarian Sarah Wooten tells Fox News this is not the best way to get your cat away from the tree. She explains, “This strategy will create conflict in your relationship with your cat, which can lead to additional behavioral or bonding problems down the road. [Scaring cars] may also create fear and anxiety that can result in behavioral or medical problems, such as redirected aggression toward other people or pets, stress diarrhea, [bladder issues], inappropriate elimination, or urinating or defecating anywhere in the house other than the litter box.”

Instead, she suggests cat owners provide an alternative space where cats can spend time and stay occupied. Other experts note you can place tinfoil around the base of your tree to deter your pet safely, and that you should keep cats away from real candles, tinsel, metal ornament hooks, glass ornaments and exposed electric cords because they all are potential safety hazards.  (Fox