Signs You Picked a Terrible Christmas Present

According to a survey, the best holiday gift givers are moms and significant others.  And the worst is, well, YOU.  Find out why with today’s list of the Signs You Picked a Terrible Christmas Present.

  • It’s from the “Fungus of the Month” club.
  • When you put it under your tree, the tree moves across the room.
  • It’s supposed to come from your heart.  It actually came from your colon. 
  • You took it out of the box to make it easier to wrap.  And it’s a cheesecake.
  • Instead of gift wrap, you kept it in the bag they gave you at Goodwill.
  • You only heard the first word when your kid said he wanted a “Matchbox car.”
  • The person who opens it says, “Oh, boy.  Gum.”
  • You can hear it growling.