The Worst Holiday Gifts People Received

Finding the perfect holiday gift is never easy, and that’s especially true when it comes to buying a gift for someone you’re dating. What you purchase may say a lot about how you feel about that person, and judging by a new survey, there are a lot of people who failed miserably. 

  • A new survey finds that 78% of respondents have received gifts that they didn’t really enjoy.
  • And some of those bad gifts were really bad.
  • Among the worst gifts users received include:
    • Used candle
    • Keychain
    • A self-help/weight loss book
    • Exercise equipment
    • An online workout subscription
    • Disposable drink coasters
    • An old gift card to a brick-and-mortar store that permanently closed
    • Open bottle of wine
    • DVD movie, with no DVD player 

And then there are gifts that may seem like a good idea, but may not go over well.

According to the site, they include:

  • Jewelry – Things like expensive rings, bracelets or earrings may seem like a good idea but they can represent a long-term commitment to some so if you’re no ready to take things to the next step you may want to think twice.
  • Perfume/Cologne – Fragrance is very personal, and just because you like it, doesn’t mean others will, or that it will smell the same on them. Plus, avoid buying any fragrance an ex used to wear.
  • A Pet – Obviously a pet, any kind of pet, is a huge commitment, and can be seen as more of a burden than a gift. Make sure your partner is completely on board before you gift a pet.