First Date Mistakes

So, any way you spin it, first dates are the lowest stakes of any point in a (potential) relationship. That’s why it’s important to treat it as such.

Shift your mindset: Don’t go into the date looking to see if this could be “the one.” Instead, adopt a mindset of seeing if you’d like a second date. You can’t know if things could become more at this point. All you can know is if you want a second date. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Oversharing: Making a first date a long experience and sharing a lot of personal things about yourself can lead to feeling a false sense of closeness and compatibility.

Keeps it in perspective: Even if the date went well, there’s not that much to be excited about. Don’t go home and worry about this person. Don’t go tell everyone every detail. That makes the person bigger to you than they are. It also makes it easier for you to start imagining and getting attached to the future that may never happen. Stay present with where you are: after the first date, do you want a second? That’s it.