How To Properly Care For Poinsettias

Poinsettias have been a Christmas staple in the US for nearly 200 years. It’s estimated that roughly 35 million potted poinsettias are sold here each year, and some people have mastered keeping the flowers alive long enough to rebloom the next year.

The tropical flowers can last a long time, and Erin Marino, editorial lead at The Sill, says to keep poinsettias happy you’ll have to monitor sunlight, temperature, watering and trimming. She says, “Poinsettias prefer medium to bright indirect light. Keep them on a windowsill to give them the most amount of daylight possible, especially during the winter when the sun sets earlier.” She adds that you should keep your poinsettias away from hot and cold drafts, noting they prefer temperatures about 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The plants prefer their soil to be moist to the touch, and soil that’s too dry or too wet could result in a poinsettia’s shortened lifespan—Marino recommends watering the plant about once a week. If your poinsettia survives until spring, you should then remove all dead leaves and flowers, “especially crispy poinsettias leaves,” and if they’re in holiday packaging (a paper or foil sleeve), it’s time to remove it. In addition, if your plant gets larger you may have to re-pot it into a larger container. (Fox