The Biggest Food Trend Predictions Of 2022

The end of every year brings reflections on the past year’s trends…but there are also plenty of predictions about what may be coming in the next year and “Food & Wine” is reporting that there are some interesting trends popping up on Pinterest, which offer an peek at the biggest food and drink trends for 2022. Some of these may sound a little out of the ordinary so we will see if they actually come true. Here are some of their guesses.

  • Afternoon tea will be the new happy hour – Apparently, searches for “vintage tea party”, “high tea food ideas”, “drinking tea pose” and “tea party aesthetic” have been on the rise lately and only look to increase in 2022.
  • Ancestral eats” – This is defined as “somebody’s grandparents’ recipes” and if you’re not totally sure what that means, consider that Pinterest searches for traditional Norwegian recipes are up…to the tune of 120%! Authentic Filipino recipe searches are up by 35%…but traditional Russian foods? A staggering 150% increase.
  • Cupcakes are “out” – Elaborate cakes – from gravity defying tiers to bubble and 3D cakes – are “in” and while we’ll always have a place in our hearts for cupcakes, cake POPs are going to be the “new flavor.”