Random Acts of Kindness

Remember, no act is too small. Here are some you can try.

* When at a restaurant, ask for the name of your server. Write “thank you” using the person’s name when you leave a tip.

* Surprise someone who appears stressed and let them in front of you in the grocery or pharmacy line.

* When you have waited for an interminable amount of time to reach a customer call center only to find the representative unhelpful or curt, ask for the person’s name and say, “You must be really busy today. Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.”

* Remember compliments are free, and true compliments shine a bright light onto others. Use them with abundance.

* Surprise someone by sending a favorite book, poem, or small gift through the mail.

* Bring flowers to an elderly neighbor.

* Send a hand-written note of appreciation to someone who makes your life better.