Martha Stewart’s Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts

Want to make a good impression at your holiday party this year? If anyone knows the right way to host one or be a guest, it’s Martha Stewart. During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the lifestyle maven shared her responses to holiday party etiquette questions.

These are Martha’s ultimate holiday party etiquette do’s and don’ts:

  • Do bring a host gift – As for what to bring the host as a gift, Martha’s very specific answer is one most of us can’t replicate. Her “failsafe” host gift? A dozen eggs from her own chicken coop!
  • Don’t listen to hosts who say not to bring a gift – Even if the host says not to bring them anything, she says ignore that advice. “You must take a gift,” this etiquette expert says.
  • Don’t regift – When asked if it’s ever okay to regift a present, she says it’s a hard no. Host Andy Cohen asked why and Martha replied, “You always get caught.”
  • Do get rid of lingering guests politely – Sometimes people don’t know when to call it a night and when you’re done but they’re still hanging around, she suggests saying, “I’m going to bed now, so I’ll see you at the next party.”
  • Do arrive at the perfect time – Cohen asked about the best time to arrive at a party and Martha replied, “A little past call time is always nice for the host because they’re never quite ready.”
  • Don’t change the seating chart – Even if you don’t like who you’re seated next to at a dinner party, don’t trade spots with anyone. “No, you’re not allowed to,” Martha says. “On Thanksgiving, my daughter moved all of the place cards without my knowledge … and that didn’t go over so well.”