How to Become More Conscientious

1. Being motivated to achieve goals: Not surprisingly, people lose conscientiousness when the goal is too ambitious. When facing a goal, try to be honest with yourself: Is it not overly challenging?

2. Accepting predictable environments: Conscientious people don’t need excessive novelty to perform. Less conscientious people may invoke a need for novelty to hide their fear of trying to get more than skin-deep on a topic or project.

3. Commitment and perseverance: It’s harder to stay conscientious on a long-term project, but that’s sometimes required. Be aware of the tendency for conscientiousness on a project to fade.

4. Restraint to avoid counterproductive activity: We’re all tempted to play rather than work. So it’s no surprise that the meta-evaluation found that a key manifestation of conscientiousness is the willingness to resist pleasant activities in favor of more important ones. Also, 10% of guys say one of their favorite Christmas traditions is watching Die hard.