4 Ways to Curb Social Media Use Around the Holiday’s

Following are 4 tips to help you curb social media use during the holidays:

1. Gain a realistic perspective of social media. Social media is meant to showcase achievements and highlights, not real, everyday life. No matter how wonderful a person’s life might appear, life has its downs for everyone.

2. Cultivate mindfulness regarding social media habits. Determine an appropriate time to check in.

3. Tune in to your emotions. If you think seeing posts of friends and family having fun and engaging in holiday activities will upset you, hold off on going on social media until you’re in a better emotional place.

4. Make plans to see a trusted friend or family member. Having positive relationships is crucial for mental health. Make an effort to maintain important relationships through phone and text communications, and whenever possible, meet in person. Those are far more intimate and private options than social media.