Why Do Cats Put Their Butt In Your Face?

Cats are strange creatures. If you have one, you may have noticed they like to stick their butt in your face.

Pam Johnson-Bennett is a cat behavior specialist and says, “In a cat’s world, presentation of the hindquarters is considered proper etiquette. Cats who are friendly with each other will often approach with raised tails. They’ll do nose-to-nose sniffing and then one cat will turn to present the backend for a sniff.” So when your cat sticks their butt in your face, they are merely being polite.

In addition, your cat putting their butt in your face could mean they just want to be petted, and in the wild, cats only turn their back on another creature when they feel safe– so them putting their butt in your face could be the ultimate sign of trust. If you’re offended by this movement, Johnson-Bennett suggests gently re-positioning your cat and giving them the love they very much deserve.