Americans Expect To Gain Eight Pounds Over The Holidays

The holiday season is officially here, but let’s face it, we should just call it what it is – the eating season. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Years and more there’s just so many yummy foods to indulge in and a lot of us will be putting on the pounds, but just how much may surprise you.

  • The fourth annual “Writing Off the End of the Year” survey looked a the eating habits of Americans during the winter holidays.
  • It finds that the average person expects to put on about eight pounds over the holidays.
  • And that weight seems to increase each year, with last year folks saying they expected to gain seven pounds, and in 2018 an 2019 it was only six.
  • But while any other time of the year, an eight-pound weight gain would bother folks, that’s not the case over the holiday season.
  • 90% of people plan to simply enjoy the holiday season without worrying about their diet.
  • In fact, 51% of people say they’ve broken a diet over the holiday season.