Holiday Travel Will Hit Pre-Pandemic Levels 

Holiday travel will help push the industry to pre-pandemic levels. The TSA says it’s ready to handle the surge of Thanksgiving travelers that could hit 26 million. In 2019, a record 26 million passengers and crew passed through U.S. airport screening in the 11-day period around Thanksgiving. The TSA is prepared for those numbers beginning this weekend.

One thing the TSA and FAA are keeping close watch on is unruly passengers. With the spike in incidents, the enforcement will be tighter.

Meanwhile, the TSA is sharing what leftovers you can fly home with. The agency says items such as baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, turkey, candy, stuffing and macaroni and cheese can go through the screening process without an issue. But, travelers are asked to secure things like gravy, wine, canned fruits, maple syrup and cranberry sauce in their checked baggage. More information can be found online by visiting
Source: ABC News