Amazing Toilet Statistics

 When it comes to the toilet, most of us don’t know squat.  In honor of World Toilet Day, we’re going to flush that ignorance from your system and turn you into a real wiz with today’s list of Amazing Toilet Statistics. 

  • 43% of married couples consider divorce when they find out too late that their spouse left them no toilet paper.
  • 59% of toilets at Chipotle are currently EPA Superfund Clean-up Sites.
  • 38% of us emit a high-pitched squeal when we sit on that cold toilet seat first thing in the morning.
  • 55% of our dads use the toilet with the door open.
  • 100% of Southerners’ favorite all-time singers were found dead on a toilet.
  • Charlie Sheen used 90% of his toilets to flush coke when he heard a sudden knock.
  • Mark Zuckerberg spent 61% of his childhood with his head stuck in a toilet.