Signs Your Dog Is Way Too into You

Someone invented a device that lets your dog call you when you’re not home called the “DogPhone.”  (We prefer “iBone.”  But, whatever).  If your dog needs one, he’s the subject of today’s list of the Signs Your Dog is Way Too into You.   

  • You throw a tennis ball.  She comes back with a note that says, “Never leave me.”
  • He follows you wherever you go.  Including your recent vacation to Hawaii.
  • He almost makes up for how much the cat hates you.  Almost.
  • She insists on getting YOU microchipped.
  • He pees a little bit whenever he sees you.  Like Grandpa!
  • You taught her “Sit,” “Shake,” and “Rollover”.  She taught herself “Cyberstalk.”
  • His tail wags whenever you tell a joke.
  • Whenever he poops in front of you, it’s shaped like a heart.
  • Your girlfriend keeps finding notes on her windshield that just say, “GRRRR.”