Signs Your Screen Time Is Out of Control

54% of us have missed work or school due to eye strain from staring at our phones, iPads, and computers.  Don’t judge.  You may join this statistic if you match anything on today’s list of Signs Your Screen Time is Out of Control.   

  • The last time you saw daylight was when you Googled “the sun.”
  • You named your kid “xBmca-13-sO!!” so you’ll never forget your wi-fi password.
  • You communicate with your kids through texting . . . while at the dinner table.
  • You try to open doors by swiping your finger across them.
  • You can no longer tilt up your head up due to muscle atrophy.
  • You just took a shower without removing your AirPods.
  • You just tried to “like and subscribe” to a lamp post.
  • The one time you look up from your phone you realize your family added two kids.
  • You make a urologist appointment because your junk doesn’t look like an eggplant.