How to be with your family more peacefully

  1. Stay Out of the Drama: If you accept that people are not going to change, you will know what to expect, and with that knowledge comes power.
  1. The Calmest One Wins: Keep your wits about you. Do not get roped into arguing. In the moment, you might feel compelled to jump in and fight. But, if you do, you will probably feel even more aggravated and exhausted. Breathe, and walk away.
  2. Ask for Help: Are there family members you feel safe and comfortable with? If so, seek them out. Play a game, watch a movie, and relax with them. In addition, it is wise to reach out to friends.
  3. Take Time for Yourself: Can you get away from the crowd for a while? Taking a walk might be helpful. You can even be the person who runs to the grocery store for more milk. That way, you can help and also get away for a breather.
  4. Stay Somewhere Else: Speaking of getting away, is it possible for you to stay at a nearby hotel? Having the chance to visit, and then get some time away will help you stay clearheaded. It is hard to remain calm when you stay with family for days on end. Staying at a local hotel will give you the opportunity to shake off any tension or disagreements.