Things Millennials Say

Millennials on Reddit decided to mock middle-aged people by posting a list of things they say.  So, we decided to give it right back to them with today’s list of the . . . Top Things Millennials Say.

  • Sorry, can you repeat that?  It was more than five words and I lost focus.
  • Your parent’s basement or mine?
  • This salad looks great.  I can’t wait to post it!
  • A $5 delivery fee on a $10 order?  What a deal!
  • I know I had to sell a kidney.  But tickets to Coachella are worth it.
  • I hate superficial people.  For more details, listen to my podcast.
  • You forgot to pay for this month’s Spotify Premium, mom.
  • Should I get giant holes in my ears or a forearm tattoo of a parallelogram?  Screw it, I’ll get both!