Do You Walk Your Dog Enough?

Walking your dog doesn’t just benefit your dog, it also benefits you.

Carly Loyer, with the ASPCA Behavioral Sciences team, says that walks give your dog the opportunity to stay physically fit, explore the world, and also help with weight management, joint health, and digestion. Loyer adds, “Your dog’s brain will get more stimulation if you follow different routes and visit new places whenever you can so that your dog can experience novel smell and sights.”

Veterinarian Sarah Machell adds, “Most adult dogs will need somewhere between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise per day, however, precisely how much daily exercise a dog needs is dictated by a variety of factors including their age, breed, size, and general health status.” You’ll want to keep walks in moderation, especially for small breeds, brachycephalic breeds, senior dogs, and any dog with a medical condition, as too much walking could be hard on their bodies.

For healthy “teenage” dogs (when your dog is between about three and nine months old) you’ll want to be careful not to overcompensate for their energy levels by walking them too hard or too long. Machell says you should avoid pounding, repetitive movements that come with running until their bone growth is complete. Overall it’s best to let your dog set the pace. (Yahoo)