The Pros and Cons of Sleeping with Your Pet

Is it okay for your pets to sleep in bed with you?  Someone talked to experts about it, and the answer is . . . maybe, maybe not.  It depends on you, and your pet.  Here are a few pros and cons.  First, the pros . . .

1.  Some people say it helps with depression and anxiety.  A lot of pet owners feel like they sleep better with their pet, sort of like a comfort blanket.  And a study earlier this year found it might be okay for kids to sleep with pets too.  But the jury’s still out.

2.  Your pet probably likes it.  Dogs and cats that sleep with their owners tend to form stronger bonds with them, which comes with some health benefits.  But mainly health benefits for your PET, not you.

Now here are a few reasons you might NOT want to sleep with them . . .

1.  Allergies.  Even dogs and cats that don’t shed a lot can cause issues.  So sleeping next to them for eight hours a night might not be a great idea.  A lot of people are mildly allergic and don’t even realize.

2.  Your sleep quality might suffer.  A study in 2017 found pet owners tend to sleep better with their dog or cat in their ROOM, but not in their BED.

 Sleeping next to them can make you too hot, so that’s one reason.  But the main issue is they move around, which can cause something called “microawakenings.”  And because they’re nocturnal, sleeping with cats can be even worse than dogs.