Signs You’re Out of Shape

A new poll finds that 40% of Americans are left exhausted by a single flight of stairs.  Are you one of them?  Here are a few more sings that you might be out of shape.

  • You set your treadmill to “sickly.”
  • Forget iron, you pulled a back muscle pumping gas.
  • You make six figures a year being the “before” model in fitness ads.
  • The only reason you have six-pack abs is because your stomach folds are deep enough to hold six cans of beer.
  • You just got the “10,000 steps” alert on your Fitbit.  Three years after you bought it.
  • You traded in your stationary bike for a stationary chair.
  • Your Peloton is buried beneath so many clothes that it looks like a preschool’s lost-and-found.