Most Pet Owners Surprised By High Pet Expenses

It’s Human-Animal Relationship Awareness week so I want to share this with you. While most pet owners agree that there’s nothing better than the unconditional love of their furbabies, some people may not realize how much that love is going to cost them financially. 

A new survey finds:

  • The average pet owner will shell out $4,500 a year to cover their pet’s basic needs.
  • 61% of pet owners say having a pet costs more than they thought it would.
  • 40% say that it’s just as, if not more, expensive to have a pet than raise a child.
  • 52% say they spend more money on their pets each year than they do themselves.
  • 60% of pet owners put aside $200 from each paycheck just for their pet’s needs.
  • Pet owners’ biggest expenses include:
    • Food
    • Medication
    • Flea/tick treatment
    • Bedding/blankets
    • Training pads
  • And in addition to basic needs, making sure your pet’s healthy can come with a steep price.
  • One-third of pet owners say they usually go over their budget by at least $500 when their pets go to the vet.
  • But, 74% of pet parents say the cost doesn’t matter as long as their furbaby is happy, healthy and safe.