Top Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

Gift-giving, traffic, and crowds top this year’s poll of holiday stressors.  Fortunately for you, this whole thing’s a non-issue thanks to today’s list of the . . . Top Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress.

  • Temper your kids’ expectations for tons of gifts by telling them Santa died of COVID.
  • Only decorate the section of your tree that shows from the front window.
  • Skip the Thanksgiving decorations.  Nobody cares about your dumb turkey flag.
  • Only buy gifts for your favorite child.  It will cut down on shopping AND teach the others if they want anything next year, they’ll have to step it up.
  • Instead of agonizing over the perfect gift, give your spouse what they really want:  space.
  • Cut down on travel by only visiting seriously ill relatives who are finalizing their wills.
  • Don’t overextend yourself.  Remember, the point of Christmas isn’t to make everyone happy . . .  it’s to make people who don’t celebrate it really uncomfortable.