These Are The Most Stressful Things About The Holidays

Well like it or not…it’s time to face the facts that the holiday season is upon us, and for a lot of people, that translates to a lot of stress.

A new survey finds:

  • Over a quarter of Americans say the last three months of the year are the most stressful.
  • 43% of people expect to be more stressed this year than last year.
  • Women are more likely than men to feel holiday stress (73% vs. 66%).

So, what is everyone so stressed about?

  • Well, the most common thing people are worried about is their gifts being delivered late (48%), followed by:
    • Safety/health concerns of in-person events and shopping (48%)
    • Traffic when shopping/traveling (43%)
    • Weather conditions while shopping/traveling (42%)
    • Safety/health concerns at family gatherings (40%)
    • Bigger crowds when shopping in-person (39%)
    • Staying within budget (25%)
    • Seeing family/friends for the first time in months (23%)

But there are ways to manage that holiday stress so the season isn’t ruined for you.

  • Ways people plan to manage their holiday stress this year include:
    • Shop online instead of in person (49%)
    • Shop early for holiday-related food/items (47%)
    • Shop at retailers that offer gift cards or discounts on future purchases (46%)
    • Shop for items that are discounted/on sale (45%)
    • Decorate the house early (37%)
    • Meditate/relax (32%)
    • Exercise (28%)
    • Focus on my personal nutrition and well-being (24%)