You’ll Need Your First Quick Pick-Me-Up by 9:12 AM Today . . . Here Are the Top 10 Things That Give Us a Boost

The average person needs three “boosts” to get them through an average day.  And you’ll need your first quick pick-me-up by 9:12 a.m.

We really start dragging after lunch though.  The poll found we’re the most desperate for a boost at 1:18 p.m. 

Here are the top ten things that can give us one . . .

1.  Getting some good news.  

2.  Catching some sun.

3.  Going for a walk.

4.  Coffee.

5.  Getting some fresh air.

6.  Having a holiday to look forward to.  Thanksgiving is coming up, and some people have Veterans Day off next Thursday.

7.  Watching a show or movie.  That one’s doable if you’re still working from home.

8.  Receiving a compliment.

9.  Hearing one of your favorite songs.  We’ll help with that in a minute.

10.  Fixing a problem.  So just knocking something out and being productive can give you a boost.