Changing Your Hairstyle

 Anyone out there still rockin’ the same hairdo they had 10 years ago?  We’re not judging.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  And you’re definitely not alone.  A new poll found 1 in 4 women haven’t changed their hair in over a decade.

Most women who HAVE changed their hair haven’t just changed it once.  The average woman will make a significant change to her hairstyle SIX times by the time she’s 40 . . . and EIGHT times by her mid-50s.

Here are the top five reasons women change their hair . . .

1.  You’re just bored with it.  46% said yes.

2.  You’re going on vacation, 28%.

3.  You got a new job, also 28%.

4.  You’re moving to a new city, 25%.

5.  A new relationship, 24%.  

Also, “after a breakup” just missed the top five with 20%. (We were a little surprised that having a baby didn’t make the list.) The poll also found 40% of women would be willing to go back to the hairstyle they had in 2011.  Only 25% said absolutely not.

They didn’t ask how many would revive a look they rocked 20 or 30 years ago.  (SWNS)