New Words That Belong in the Dictionary

Merriam-Webster just added 455 new words to their dictionary.  Amazingly, none of them are any of our brilliant suggestions from today’s list of New Words That Belong in the Dictionary.

  • Snit-canned:  When you get fired after your mask meltdown at Trader Joe’s is caught on camera and goes viral.
  • Methampheta-lean:  How to describe a skinny resident of Missouri.
  • Orgavin:  What women experience when they have sex with their husband but think about the governor of California.
  • Sneeze-zure:  Panic after someone sneezes and now you think you have COVID.
  • No-Flake:  A brat who can’t handle it when mommy and daddy say “No.”
  • Flabrador:  Your dog because you keep using the pandemic as an excuse to skip his walk.
  • Ye-lusional:  Kanye.