Tom Brady’s Football Return Deal Has Gotten $weeter

Things are looking up for the guy who gave up Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball. Initially, it was reported that all Byron Kennedy got in return for giving back the ball was a $1,000 gift card and a Brady-signed jersey. That purse for his generosity has gotten a heck of a lot bigger in the last 24 hours and is now valued at close to $100K. Here’s what he’s gotten from the Buccaneers and Brady:

  • A pair of season tickets (14 games) – a $16K value, depending on the seats
  • Two signed Tom Brady jerseys – a $7K value
  • A signed Tom Brady helmet – a $2,500 value
  • A signed Mike Evans jersey – a $250 value
  • A pair of game-worn cleats from Mike Evans – valued up to $10K (considering he was wearing them when he caught the 600th touchdown)
  • One Bitcoin from Tom Brady and FTX – currently valued at over $63K