Six Super Hard “Would You Rather” Questions About Money

Everybody loves a good “would you rather” question.  So someone did a survey with questions that were only about money.  Over 30,000 people were polled.  Here are the best ones, and how people voted . . .

1.  Would you rather win the lottery, but lose all your friends . . . or lose all your money, but find your soulmate?  59% said they’d rather be broke and in love.

2.  Would you rather have a job you hate that pays well . . . or a job you love with a below-average salary?  56% said they’d rather have a job they love.

3.  Would you rather spend a million dollars on clothes . . . or a million on travel?  88% would rather travel.

4.  Would you rather make $100,000 on Bitcoin . . . or $50,000 investing in a business that helps the environment?  69% said 50 grand and help the planet.  (How about making $100,000 on Bitcoin and giving 20 grand to save the planet?  Win-win?)

5.  Would you rather get a million dollars right now . . . or $100,000 a year for ten years?  71% would rather get 100 grand a year, so they wouldn’t spend it all.

 6.  Would you rather go back in time to fix your biggest money mistake . . . or look into your future to find out where you end up?  This might have been the best question asked, because it was an even, 50/50 split.