Interrupting Your Coworkers Is Good for Morale

  Do you have that one annoying person at work who constantly interrupts you to ask questions?  Turns out they might be the office MVP . . .A new study found that interrupting your coworkers when they’re in the middle of work is actually GOOD for morale.

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found it tends to foster a sense of belonging, and makes people feel like an important part of the team.

They interviewed more than 100 employees every day for three weeks, and asked about their sense of belonging . . . how mentally drained they were . . . and their overall job satisfaction.  They also asked if they’d been interrupted at all that day.

And it turned out they were more likely to say they liked their job . . . and felt like a valuable member of the team . . . if they’d been interrupted a lot.

Too many interruptions DID make people less productive.  They also felt a little more drained and stressed out short term. But eventually, those feelings faded.  So the positives outweigh the negatives. (Study Finds)