How to Resolve a Child’s Whining

Acceptance is the Key. Parents need to accept that it’s normal and natural for kids to whine. In a way, it’s more advanced than just crying because whiners are using their words. When a child whines, it’s best to accept that they’re upset and need your help. If you ridicule or shut down the child, they’ll be likely to feel that it is unacceptable to express emotions.

Acknowledge the child’s feelings. Once you acknowledge the emotions, the child be able to talk more calmly because the request has been noted.

Suggest a positive resolution. When you’re negotiating in the middle of a store, say, “Let’s put the tennis racket on your wish list,” and key it into your cell phone. The more you follow through when you can, the more the child will trust you.

Positive reinforcement. When the child asks you for something without whining, always commend. Say, “I like the way you’re asking me.” Over time, their verbal abilities, positive experiences, and wish to please you will help the child express him or herself without whining.