Brutally Honest Slogans

 Reddit users teed off on brutally honest business slogans.  But why stop there?  So, we’ll take over with today’s list of Brutally Honest Slogans for Other Things in Life.

  • Man-Buns:  A Fun Way to Say “I’m Not Gainfully Employed.”
  • Arizona State University:  Your STDs Need Company.
  • Your Mall Santa:  Who Cares if Your Kid Peed in His Lap?  He’s Drunk!
  • Gas Station Squeegees:  Yup, We Just Made It Worse.
  • High School Car Wash Fundraisers:  We Know Why You’re Really Here, Creeper.
  • Alaska:  Part of America.  But, Not Really.
  • Bicycle Pants:  Admit It, You Just Want People to Look at Your Testicles.