Men Who Pose With Dogs on Dating Sites Are More Likely to Want to Settle Down

Are guys who pose with dogs on dating apps actually nice and wholesome?  Or are they just doing it to FOOL you into thinking that’s true?  A new study found that in general, they really ARE more likely to want to settle down.

A psychologist in Canada talked to hundreds of men with dating profiles, and asked if they were looking for something serious, or just a fling.  Then she analyzed their photos.

80% of men who were looking for something serious had at least one picture of a dog, compared to 50% of guys looking for a fling.  So dog photos are popular in general, but having one DOES suggest you’re looking for something more long-term.

She also found that men who just want to hook up are more likely to post shots of themselves on motorcycles, on boats . . . and photos of themselves SHIRTLESS.