If Scary Stories Don’t Scare You, You Might Have “Mind Blindness”

We’re coming up on the spookiest week of the year, but it turns out some people are easier to scare than others.  A recent study found that scary stories just don’t work on some of us . . . and it has to do with something called MIND BLINDNESS.

The clinical term is aphantasia.  (ay-fan-TAY-zee-uh)  It’s when someone can’t really picture things in their head.  So telling them a scary story and setting the scene just doesn’t work that well.  Up to 1 in 20 people have it.

Researchers recently told people scary stories . . . half had “mind blindness,” and half didn’t.  And they basically proved it’s true.  The scary stories didn’t work on them, but scary IMAGES did.  So it wasn’t because they had a higher scare threshold in general.  The stories just didn’t paint a picture.