Six Evidence-Based Ways to Teach Your Child About Social Media

1.   Explain to your teenagers that social media is the “highlight reel” and show them pictures of real people before and after applying filters or particular lighting or angles.

2.   Because increased time on social media is associated with increased mental health and body image concerns, limit your child’s time on social media.

3.   Ask your child to honestly assess how they feel before and after scrolling social media.

4.   Do not allow your child to be on social media if they are under 13.

5.   Create family rules around phones and other devices that everyone in the family must follow (for example, no phones at the dinner table or in the bedroom). 

6.   Have ongoing conversations with your teenager about how to use social media safely. Turn on all possible privacy settings and emphasize the importance of not sharing personal information on social media or having any contacts online that you do not know personally.