Signs Your Halloween Costume is Offensive

According to a new survey, Halloween costume no-no’s include transphobia or pandemic-related.  Oh, and whatever you’re wearing if you recognize anything from today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Signs Your Halloween Costume is Offensive.

  • Your grandpa says it’s not offensive.
  • The only people who take pictures of you in it just want your job.
  • Jon Gruden mistakes it for one of his emails.
  • Dave Chappellewants to wear it for his next Netflix special.
  • “Jeopardy!”hires you as the show’s next host just so they can fire you.
  • The box it comes in includes the words: “sexy” . . . “Brian” . . . and “Laundrie“.
  • After seeing you in it, Jamie Spears puts you in a conservatorship.
  • It comes with face paint, a headdress and unemployment paperwork.
  • Charlie Sheenwore it last year.
  • You call it “SpongeBob NoPants”.