5 Ways to Live Happily Ever Laughter

1. Add laughter to your mornings: Since morning routines set the tone for the entire day, laughter should be right up there with brushing your teeth on your priority list.

2. Learn to laugh at yourself: Relieving yourself of pressure is the joy of learning to laugh at yourself. It also allows you to show more of your authentic self. So, permit yourself to be silly.

3. Take up something new: There is no better way to practice laughing at yourself than going outside your comfort zone.

4. Surround yourself with funny people: Put a person or two in your tribe who makes you laugh.

5. Look at the situation through a child’s eyes: When times get stressful, take a moment to think about how you saw things as a toddler. The more we can experience that childlike wonder, the less we sweat the big stuff.