Other Human Mysteries Scientists Need to Solve. 

Scientists figured out why women always feel colder than men.  If you’re keeping track, that’s one human mystery down, billions left to go.  For instance, anything on today’s list of the . . . Top Other Human Mysteries Scientists Need to Solve

  • Why do we think every animal on Earth responds to a tongue click?
  • Why do we chest-bump the complete stranger next to us at the bar when the complete stranger on TV scores a touchdown?
  • Why do we trust the opinion of a tiger when it comes to breakfast cereal?
  • Why do we have that one hair on our pinky toe?
  • Why are we only fascinated with our hand when we’re high?
  • Why do we put “No poop” signs in our yards when we know dogs can’t read?
  • Why do we tell our kids not to see color but give them crayons to play with?
  • Why would we never let someone watch us bathe, but we think it’s okay to do that with birds?