Signs You’re Way Too into Your Dog

Are you one of the 60% of pet owners who would rush into a burning building to save their dog?  If so, you probably fit a lot of stuff on today’s list of the . . . Top Signs You’re Way Too into Your Dog.

  • Your Christmas shopping list is nothing but tennis balls.
  • Out of sympathy, you had the vet also remove your testicles.
  • You’re unsure of your husband’s birthday.  And clueless about your kid’s name.  But you know the exact day and time to give your pet a monthly heartworm pill.
  • You spin three times before lying down in bed.
  • Whenever you see a dead squirrel in the road, you laugh and clap.
  • You watch “Old Yeller” backwards so it’s about a dog that comes back from the dead to save a boy’s life and become a beloved member of the family.