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Ferguson Township supervisors adopt resolution to oppose audit of 2020 PA election

State College police investigators used DNA to track down a man accused of the violent rape of a Penn State student in 1995.

The Arboretum at Penn State will host its annual Pumpkin Festival Oct. 15-16, featuring a pumpkin-carving contest, lighted jack-o’-lantern display, live music, activities and food vendors.

A date is set to re-sentence convicted killer Scott Peterson to life in prison without parole. Peterson has been on death row over a decade for the murder of his wife Lacy and their unborn son in Modesto. The re-sentencing hearing will take place December 8th in Redwood City at the Hall of Justice.

Texas is ready to fight back after being ordered to stop the nation’s strictest abortion law.  President Biden is headed to Chicago today to talk about COVID vaccine mandates.  New video is out on social media of the moment that led up to a school shooting in Texas.