Food Myths

Atlas Obscura asked its readers to send in the most memorable food myths they’d ever heard. Here are some of the responses, and remember—none of these are true.

– “Reheated spinach produces dangerous levels of nitrate that could kill you.”
– “If you eat mushrooms late in the day, you’ll have crazy dreams that night.”
– “A hot potato placed on the head will cure a headache.”
– “You should not drink milk when eating tomatoes”
– “Cherries and milk are poison.”
– “If you drink milk while you have a fever it will curdle in your stomach.”
– “Eating your sandwich crusts will make your hair grow curly.”
– “It’s dangerous to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough and go outside in the heat. The dough will cook in your stomach and your stomach will expand.”
– “Sauerkraut detects pregnancy. My grandmother used to find out if her daughter-in-laws or potential daughter-in-laws were pregnant by having them drink sauerkraut juice. If they were pregnant it would make them sick.”
– “A loaf of bread placed upside-down is bad luck.”
– “Tapping a soda can stops it from fizzing over. ”
– “French fries take two weeks to digest.”
– “The balls in tapioca pudding are actually fish eyes.”