Signs You Need to Spend More Time with Your Spouse

A poll finds that married couples only spend four hours a day in the same room.  For more red flags you and your partner need some cuddle time pronto, check out today’s list of Signs You Need to Spend More Time with Your Spouse.

  • You’re pretty sure his name is “Greg.”
  • When she tells you she got a promotion, your response is, “You have a job?”
  • At parent-teacher conferences, you introduce yourselves . . . to each other.
  • You bought her the wrong perfume for her birthday.  And also, it’s not her birthday.
  • The last movie you watched together was on LaserDisc.
  • You start dinner conversations with “So, how’s your 2021?”
  • You just realized she colored her hair.  And she just realized you lost yours.
  • Your role-playing fantasy in bed is “couple who spends time together.”
  • When people see you together, they say, “I didn’t know you were married!”  And those people are your kids.