There’s No Place Like Anywhere Else But “Home” For The Holidays

For the moment, we’re free to travel to our loved ones’ homes this holiday season as opposed to last year’s lockdowns. However, many say they’d rather take a vacation. 

Many people surveyed say they’d rather embark on a getaway rather than visiting family to celebrate a traditional family holiday. 

Of those who are planning to do just that, nearly 3/4 say they’ll be making their vacation arrangements by October — and are planning to spend more than they ever have before to get away.

Many plan to spend more on experiences like traveling or attending and hosting parties rather than physical gifts.

The survey shows “significant others” on gift givers’ lists could receive a present that’s nearly $400; each immediate family member could see $300 spent on them. 

When it comes to what Americans hope to get, many people say they hope to receive a travel or hotel package to be used on a vacation; new clothes, and concert or sports tickets from their loved ones.