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Beware – mail delivery is about to get even slower.  The Postal Service is warning of new delays starting today (Oct. 1st).  This affects some first-class mail traveling long distances.  Instead of one to three days for delivery, it’ll now be one to five in an effort to reduce shipping costs. 

detour is in place for a portion of Pike Street in College Township during a water and gas line relocation and extension project, which is estimated to continue for seven weeks.

The line of cars that sometimes pours out into the busy road waiting to get in the drive-thru of Chick-fil-A on North Atherton Street is still causing safety concerns in Patton Township. Last December, the township made it illegal to make a left turn into the popular fast-food restaurant, but issues still remain. Now with the return of Penn State students this fall, coupled with the loss of the Chik-fil-A on campus, residents say things again are getting out of hand at the drive-thru line, especially during peak times.