PA Kids With Disabilities Gifted Adaptive Bikes

An organization in Pennsylvania is giving back to the community and making kids smile, one bike at a time. Variety the Children’s Charity recently donated adaptive bicycles to 14 children with disabilities in Allegheny County so they can live life to the fullest.

Loralei Foriska, a 12-year-old with spina bifida, was one of the lucky recipients and she is thrilled to have a bicycle of her own to ride now. “I’ve been wanting this bike forever because this means I can hang out with my friends and ride bikes with them,” she says.

In addition to adaptive bicycles, Variety the Children’s Charity provides other adaptive equipment to kids with disabilities in 71 counties in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Since 2012, the group has donated more than 46-hundred adaptive bikes, strollers and communication devices.

“You just find the right bike with a therapist that keeps them safe and enables them to ride,” explains Variety CEO Charlie LaVallee, “then they have the same joy and pride in themselves as any typical child.”