Family Bonding Activities

A third of people say listening to music helps them get along with their family.  But if living room sing-alongs aren’t your thing, there are other ways to promote household harmony, as you’ll see with today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Family Bonding Activities.

  • Go for a long walk.  Ideally, together.
  • Get Grandpa drunk, tell him Clint Eastwood’s a sissy compared to Tom Cruise, then sit back and enjoy the show.
  • Explore your family history.  Tread carefully around what your immigrant German relatives did in the late-1930s to mid-1940s.
  • Watch a TV show that both young and old can enjoy.  Like, “NCIS: Portlandia”.
  • Invite the grandparents over and play one of those neglected board games in the hall closet.  Unless it’s “Twister.”
  • Rent a camper and document your cross-country adventure on YouTube.  What’s the worst that can happen?