Is It Ever Okay To Order Delivery During A Severe Storm?

We’ve had some pretty terrible weather in America over the past few months, and while folks may know it’s smart to stay home when it’s storming outside, apparently it’s not stopping some folks from making others go out to bring them their food delivery.

  • A new YouGov poll sought to find out whether Americans think it’s okay to order food delivery during severe storms, and apparently opinions are mixed.
  • Overall, 45% of Americans say it’s completely or somewhat acceptable to order delivery during a storm, while 48% think it’s not very acceptable, or not acceptable at all.
  • Men are more likely to say it’s okay to order in bad weather (51% vs. 41% who say it isn’t).
  • Women are more likely to be against ordering, with only 40% saying it’s acceptable, and 54% saying it’s not.
  • Where you live also plays a role in your opinion.
  • Those living in cities are a little more likely to find it unacceptable than acceptable (49% vs 43%).
  • Those who live in suburbia are slightly more likely to approve than not (50% vs. 49%).
  • Those who live in rural areas are pretty evenly split with 45% approving and 46% not.
  • Those who live in towns are the most likely to disapprove with 40% saying it’s acceptable and 51% saying it’s not.

On at least one positive note, most people do agree that you should up your tip if you make a delivery person come out in bad weather.