Dumbest Things Parents Do with Their Money

67% of millionaires worry about leaving too much money to their kids.  But there are far worse things Mom and Dad can do with their wealth, as you’ll see with today’s list of the Dumbest Things Parents Do with Their Money.

  • Book a romantic getaway.  All you’ll do is sleep.
  • Get a tattoo.  Sure, that Saints logo on your thigh looks cool now.  Not so much in a decade when it turns into a fireplace poker.
  • Splurge on a Peloton.  You already have something to drape clothes caked in baby vomit called a “chair.”
  • Buy a Porsche.  Sorry, but your eye bags and receding hairline more than cancel out the effect of precision German engineering.
  • Dye your hair.  Your kid will just see that jet black tuft on your head and say, “Are you Ernie or Bert?” 
  • Attend cooking school.  By the time you finally get a chance to eat, you’ll be so tired you’ll just want a microwavable brick of gunk and a juice box.