7 Ways to Stand Out and Earn More Workplace Rewards

These trends have several important implications for what you need to do to earn more rewards:

  1. Make sure you know exactly where you fit in relation to your managers’ metrics. What role do you play? How does your work move the numbers?
  2. Don’t focus on the numbers. Instead, focus on your own performance of your own work in your own role.
  3. Keep close track in writing. Keep track of your concrete actions at work: the actual performance you control and your work in meeting your goals and deadlines.
  4. Make sure you know whether or not you will be ranked, and if so, when, how, and by whom? If your company uses a forced ranking system, how does it work?
  5. Maintain an ongoing dialogue with each boss. Every step of the way, maintain an ongoing dialogue to make sure you understand that boss’s performance expectations of you for the year, for the month, for the week, and for today.