Things That Will Always Make us Laugh

67% of us have fake-laughed at jokes just to “fit in.”  Fortunately, there are still some things in life that are so hilarious you never have to pretend to enjoy them.  As you’ll see with today’s list of the . . . Things So Undeniably Funny You Never Have to Fake Laugh at Them.

  • Your kid’s face after you tell him about Santa
  • Mustard bottle flatulence.
  • Granny saying the “F-word.”
  • Your in-law’s invitation to move to a closer neighborhood.
  • Bengals fans who say, “This is OUR year!”
  • Jugglers dropping stuff
  • A shopping cart rolling right into a brand-new BMW.
  • All those things John Travolta glued to his head until finally conceding he’s bald.
  • The groomer asking what you want done to your dog’s anal glands.